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Nobel Prize 2019

Nobel Prize 2019

Nobel Prize 2019

Nobel prizes are given on the name of a Swedish Scientist Alfred. Nobel prizes are established in 1895.

List of recipients of winner of Nobel Prize 2019 are:

1. Physics: "Discovery of exoplanet orbitibg a star similar to Sun and theoretical discoveries in Physical Cosmology."

(i). Michel Mayor :

(ii). Didier Queloz:

(iii). James Peebles:

2. Chemistry: "Development of lithium ion batteries"

(i). John B. Goodenough

(ii). M. Stanley Whittingham

(iii). Akira Yoshino

3. Medicine or Physiology :  "Works on how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability and how oxygen level affect cellular metabloism."

(i). Peter Ratcliffe

(ii). William G. Kaelin

(iii). Gregg L. Semenza

4. Literature: "The work which has explored the periphery and specificity of human experience."

(i). Peter Handke (2019)

(ii). Olga Tokarczuk (Poland)(2018) Prize was postponed in 2018 and given in 2019.

5. Economics: "Experimental approach to alleviating global poverty."

(i). Abhijit Banerjee

(ii). Esther Duflo

(iii). Michael Kremer

6. Peace: "To resolve the border conflict with Eritrea."

(i). PM of Ethiopia "Abiy Ahmed Ali"

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