Plural Theory of Sovereignty emphasizes the importance of

Question: Plural Theory of Sovereignty emphasizes the importance of
(1) State 
(2) Religion
(3) Individuals
(4) Associations

Answer: (4) Associations
The pluralist theory of sovereignty is a reaction to monistic or legal theory of sovereignty. To monistic
theory state is supreme association and all other associations are the creation of state and their existence depends on the will of the sovereign power. The pluralist theory rejects this and tries to establish that there is no single source of authority that is all competent and comprehensive. Pluralists believe that state enjoys a privileged position because of its wider jurisdiction, which covers all the individuals and associations within its boundary. The pluralist also rejects the distinction between state and government. An exponent of pluralist theory Robert M.Maclver propounds that state is one of the several human associations, although it exercises unique functions. Important feature of the state is supremacy of law.

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