Indian Geography GK Quiz-41

Indian Geography GK Quiz-41

Indian Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on Indian Geography for competitive examinations.

    Question: The ports located along the eastern coast of India are :

    (1) Kandla and Haldia
    (2) Haldia arid Cochin
    (3) Paradeep and Kandla
    (4) Paradeep and Haldia
    Answer: (4) Paradeep and Haldia
    Ports on the east coast of India are: Kolkata-Haldia (riverine port); Paradeep (exports raw iron to Japan); Visakhapatnam (deepest port); Chennai (oldest and artifical); Ennore (most modern) and Tuticorin (southernmost).

    Question: Which city has the Headquarters of two railway zones in India?

    (1) Hubli 
    (2) New Delhi
    (3) Mumbai 
    (4) Jabalpur
    Answer: (3) Mumbai 
    Mumbai is the headquarters of two railway zones: Western and Central Zones. The Western Railway is one of the 17 zones of Indian Railways, and is among the busiest railway networks in India. The central zone covers a large part of the state of Maharashtra and parts of North-Eastern Karnataka and Southern Madhya Pradesh.

    Question: Which is the artificial port of India?

    (1) Kandla
    (2) Mangalore
    (3) Chennai or Madras
    (4) Haldia
    Answer: (3) Chennai or Madras
    Chennai Port is the second largest port of India, behind the Mumbai Port, and the largest port in the Bay of Bengal. It is an artificial and all-weather port with wet docks. It was a major travel port before becoming a major container port.

    Question: How many major sea ports are there in India ?

    (1) 6 
    (2) 9
    (3) 10 
    (4) 12
    India has a long coastline, spanning 7516.6 kilometres, forming one of the biggest peninsulas in
    the world. It is serviced by 13 major ports (12 government and 1 corporate) and 187 notified minor
    and intermediate ports. The latest addition to major ports is Port Blair on June 2010, the 13th port in the

    Question: Which of the following Train runs between New Delhi and Wagah ?

    (1) Shatabdi Express
    (2) Thar Express
    (3) Maitree Express
    (4) Samjhauta Express
    Answer: (4) Samjhauta Express
    The Samjhauta Express is a twice-weekly train – Tuesdays and Fridays – that runs between Delhi and Attari in India and Lahore in Pakistan.

    Question: The busiest rail section in respect to goods transportation is

    (1) Delhi – Kolkata section
    (2) Kolkata – Chennai section
    (3) Delhi – Mumbai section
    (4) Mumhai – Chennai section
    Answer: (1) Delhi – Kolkata section
    The busiest rail section in respect to goods transportation is Delhi-Kolkata section.

    Question: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is situated in :

    (1) Jammu and Kashmir
    (2) New Delhi
    (3) Mangalore
    (4) Hyderabad
    Answer: (4) Hyderabad
    Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, also known as Hyderabad International Airport, is an international airport near Shamshabad, south of downtown Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. It is the second publicprivate partnership venture in the Indian airports, the first being the Cochin International Airport.

    Question: Which two of the following are connected by the North South corridor ?

    (1) Srinagar and Kanyakumari
    (2) Mumbai and Chennai
    (3) Amritsar and Kolkata
    (4) Hyderabad and Bhopal
    Answer: (1) Srinagar and Kanyakumari
    The North–South Corridor comprises NH 1A (Srinagar–Jalandhar), NH 1 (Jalandhar – Delhi), NH 2 (Delhi–Agra), NH 3 (Agra–Gwalior), NH 75 (Gwalior– Jhansi), NH 26 (Jhansi–Lakhnadon), NH 7 (Lakhnadon–Nagpur-Hyderabad-Bangalore-MaduraiKanyakumari), NH 47 (Salem–Coimbatore–Kochi).

    Question: Which national highway connects Delhi and Kolkata via Mathura and Varanasi ?

    (1) NH4 
    (2) NH2
    (3) NH10 
    (4) NH6
    Answer: (2) NH2
    National Highway 2, commonly referred as Delhi– Kolkata Road, is a busy Indian National Highway that runs through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. It constitutes a major portion of the historical Grand Trunk Road along with NH 91 and NH 1 in India.

    Question: Which National Highway is called Shershah Suri Marg ?

    (1) National Highway No. 3
    (2) National Highway No. 8
    (3) National Highway No. 7
    (4) National Highway No. 1
    Answer: (1) National Highway No. 3
    National Highway 1 or NH 1 is a National Highway in Northern India that links the national capital New Delhi to the town of Attari in Punjab near the India–Pakistan border. This was a part of Grand Trunk Road of Sher Shah Suri that ran from Lahore to Bengal, built on earlier roads that existed from time immemorial.

    Question: Kolkata and Delhi are connected by

    (1) N.H. No. 1 
    (2) N.H. No. 2
    (3) N.H. No. 9 
    (4) N.H. No. 6
    Answer: (2) N.H. No. 2
    National Highway 2 (NH 2), commonly referred as Delhi–Kolkata Road, runs through the states of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal. It constitutes a major portion of the historical Grand Trunk Road along with NH 91 and NH 1 in India.

    Question: The Jawaharlal Nehru Port is located at

    (1) Paradip 
    (2) Cochin
    (3) Mumbai 
    (4) Kolkata
    Answer: (3) Mumbai 
    Jawaharlal Nehru Port is south of Mumbai in Maharashtra. Also known as Nava Sheva, it is the largest container port in India. The port was created to relieve pressure on Mumbai Port, then the pre-eminent port of India. 

    Question: Which of the following cities in India have the Headquarters of more than one Railway Zones ?

    (1) Mumbai
    (2) Neither Kolkata nor Mumbai
    (3) Kolkata
    (4) Both Kolkata and Mumbai
    Answer: (4) Both Kolkata and Mumbai
    Both Kolkata and Mumbai are the headquarters of two railway zones each. While Mumbai serves as the headquarters of both Central Railway and Western Railway; Kolkata is the headquarters of Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway.

    Question: The ship building yard-Mazgaon Dock is located at

    (1) Vishakhapatnam
    (2) Kochi
    (3) Kolkata
    (4) Mumbai
    Answer: (4) Mumbai
    Mazagon Dock is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is India’s prime shipyard that manufactures warships and submarines for the Indian Navy, and offshore platforms and associated support vessels for offshore oil drilling. It also builds tankers, cargo bulk carriers, passenger ships and ferries.

    Question: The cleanest Indian Railway station is :

    (1) Mumbai 
    (2) Chennai
    (3) Bengaluru 
    (4) Surat
    Answer: (4) Surat
    According to a survey released by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in March 2016, Surat, Rajkot and Vadodara - all in Gujarat – were among the 10 cleanest railway stations in India. Surat and Rajkot came out first and second respectively among the category AI railway stations, i.e. those that have Rs 60 crore annual earnings.

    Question: India’s first Railway University will come up at

    (1) Vadodara, Gujarat
    (2) Bengaluru, Karnataka
    (3) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
    (4) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
    Answer: (1) Vadodara, Gujarat
    The government, in January 2016, announced that Vadodara in Gujarat will be home to the country’s first railway university. The present campus for National Academy of Indian Railways (NAIR), Vadodara, (at Pratap Vilas Palace) will be initially used to start the railway university. After land acquisition, a fullfledged university will be started there.

    Question: Where is the Indian National Rail Museum situated?

    (1) Delhi
    (2) Uttar Pradesh
    (3) Punjab
    (4) Himachal Pradesh
    Answer: (1) Delhi
    The National Rail Museum is a museum in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi which focuses on the rail
    heritage of India. It opened on 1 February 1977. The rail museum is an amalgamation of rare steam locomotives, historical pictures, railway artifacts that are displayed along with some static and working models of a wide variety of trains in India.

    Question: Golden Quadrilateral Project for the development of National Highways was initiated by

    (1) P V Narasimha Rao
    (2) I K Gujral
    (3) Manmohan Singh
    (4) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    Answer: (4) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
    The Golden Quadrilateralproject was launched by the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2001.The Golden Quadrilateral is a highway network connecting many of the major industrial, agricultural and cultural centres of India. It is the largest highway project in India and the fifth longest in the world.

    Question: Which among the following cities in India is not located in Golden Quadrilateral Road Network?

    (1) Kolkata 
    (2) Mumbai
    (3) New Delhi 
    (4) Chandigarh
    Answer: (4) Chandigarh
    The Golden Quadrilateral Road Network is a highway network connecting many of the major industrial, agricultural and cultural centres of India. A quadrilateral of sorts is formed by connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Kanpur, Pune, Surat, Nellore, Vijayawada and Guntur are also connected by the network.

    Question: In which of the following States is Dampa Tiger Reserve situated?

    (1) Assam 
    (2) Karnataka
    (3) Mizoram 
    (4) Orissa
    Answer: (3) Mizoram 
    Dampa Tiger Reserve is the largest wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram. It was notified in 1985 and declared a Tiger Reserve in 1994. It is situated in the western part of Mizoram state, at the international
    border with Bangladesh about 127 km from Aizawl. 

    Question: The State which produces largest number of orchids in India is

    (1) Assam
    (2) Arunachal Pradesh
    (3) Meghalaya
    (4) Sikkim
    Answer: (4) Sikkim
    Sikkim is the largest producer of orchids in India. The state is home to an amazing 450 species of exotic orchids alone. Annually, around 20 million stalks of orchids are produced in Sikkim. Sikkim, owing to its climatic conditions, has developed as a natural hub of orchids.

    Question: Which of the following is the busiest International sea port in India?

    (1) Mumbai 
    (2) Kolkata
    (3) Kochi 
    (4) Tuticorin
    Answer: (1) Mumbai 
    Based on the number of shipping services calling each port, Mumbai (Nava Sheva) is by far India’s busiest port, having 30 inter-regional shipping services calling its port, according to information from BlueWater Reporting. Eleven of these services only encompass the Asia and ISC trades.

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