National Events GK Quiz-2

National Events GK Quiz-2

National Events Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on National Events for competitive examinations.

    21. Who has been appointed the Governor of RBI after the retirement of Shri Y.V. Reddy ?

    (1) Dr. Indra Rangarajan
    (2) Dr. Dilip Sanghvi
    (3) Dr. Vijay L. Kelkar
    (4) Shri D. Subbarao
    21. (4) Duvvuri Subbarao was born on 11 August 1949 is an Indian economist, central banker, and civil servant. He is the 22nd and current Governor of Reserve Bank of India, serving under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Subbarao is a 1972 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer of Andhra Pradesh cadre. On 5 September 2008, he was appointed the twenty-second Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Note : After Shri D.Subbarao Shri Raghuram Rajan was appointed as RBI Governor.

    22. The book “It was Five Past Midnight” is on

    (1) Bhuj Earthquake
    (2) Orissa Floods
    (3) Andhra Cyclone
    (4) Bhopal Gas Tragedy
    22. (4) Five Past Midnight in Bhopal The Epic Story of the World’s Deadliest Industrial Disaster (2001) is a book by Dominique Lapierre and Javier Moro. It describes the events of the Bhopal disaster. The book inspired Oliver Stone to make a film based on the book titled It Was Five Past Midnight in Bhopal. The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered one of the world’s worst industrial disasters. It occurred on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate gas and other chemicals.

    23. The first non-stop air-conditioned ‘DURANTO’ train was flagged off between

    (1) Sealdah – New Delhi
    (2) Mumbai – Howrah
    (3) Bangalore – Howrah
    (4) Chennai – New Delhi
    23. (1) Duronto Express (“Rebel” or “rebellious” or “Restless” in a positive way) is a category of long
    distance trains run by the Indian Railways. The special feature of these trains is that they run non-stop from source to destination, barring technical halts. Mamata Banerjee announced the introduction of the non-stop Duronto Express trains in the Indian Rail budget 2009-10 as a first step towards high speed rail travel in India. The first Duronto ran between Sealdah and New Delhi.

    24. Which among the following agencies released the report, Economic Outlook for 2009- 10 ?

    (1) Planning Commission
    (2) PM’s Economic Advisory Council
    (3) Finance Commission
    (4) Reserve Bank of India
    24. (2) It was released by the Economic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister (PMEAC) which is a nonconstitutional, non-permanent and independent body constituted to give economic advice to the Government of India, specifically the Prime Minister. The council serves to highlight key economic issues facing the country to the government of India from a neutral viewpoint. It advises the Prime Minister on a whole host of economic issues like inflation, microfinance, industrial output, etc. The PMEAC has been constituted several times since the independence of India. The last PMEAC, which was constituted on 29 December 2004, headed by Suresh Tendulkar resigned upon the completion of the then Union government’s term on 21 May 2009. The current PMEAC was subsequently reorganized in August 2009. Note : India’s real GDP growth will remain between 6.75% and 7.5% in the 2017-2018 financial years, the government said in its Economic Survey, an annual document that deciphers the state of the economy. 

    25. With which software company has Satyam been merged ?

    (1) Microsoft
    (2) Tech Mahindra
    (3) Infosys
    (4) TCS
    25. (2) On 13 April 2009, via a formal public auction process, a 46% stake in Satyam was purchased by Mahindra & Mahindra owned company Tech Mahindra, as part of its diversification strategy. Effective July 2009, Satyam rebranded its services under the new Mahindra management as “Mahindra Satyam” with a new corporate website

    26. According to the Suresh Tendulkar Committee which came out with fresh data on poverty, the Below Poverty Line (BPL) number is now

    (1) 33% 
    (2) 35%
    (3) 38% 
    (4) 40.5%
    26. (3) A committee was formed by government of India in 2009, with Tendulkar as Chairman to ‘report on methodology of estimation of poverty’. In 2009, this committee came out with a new method to calculate poverty. According to this method, the number of the poor in India in 2004–05 rose from 27.5 per cent of the total population to 37.2 per cent. This report has helped strengthen the case for donating to the needy and giving In past, poverty was estimated by looking at a limited view of money required for stipulated minimum calorie intake by individuals. But the Tendulkar committee moved to a wider definition, including spending on food as well as education, health, light (electricity), clothing and footwear. 

    27. AGMARK is

    (1) a cooperative for egg production
    (2) regulated agricultural market
    (3) farmers’ cooperative
    (4) a quality guarantee stamp for commodities
    27. (4) AGMARK is a certification mark employed on agricultural products in India, assuring that they
    conform to a set of standards approved by the Directorate of Marketing and Inspection, an agency of the Government of India. The AGMARK is legally enforced in India by the Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marking) Act of 1937 (and amended in 1986). The present AGMARK standards cover quality guidelines for 205 different commodities spanning a variety of Pulses, Cereals, Essential Oils, Vegetable Oils, Fruits& Vegetables, and semi-processed products like Vermicelli.

    28. Dr. Manmohan Singh has recently declared an Indian river as the ‘National River’. The name of the river is

    (1) Brahmaputra
    (2) Mahanadi
    (3) Ganga
    (4) Kosi
    28. (3) The government in 2008 decided to declare the Ganga as a ‘national river’ and set up a high-power Ganga River Basin Authority to stop its pollution and degradation. The government also announced that the Authority will be chaired by the Prime Minister and will have as its members Chief Ministers of the States through which the Ganga flows. This was decided at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The Ganges is a trans-boundary river of India and Bangladesh. The 2,525 km river rises in the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the Gangetic Plain of North India into Bangladesh, where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It is the longest river of India and is the second greatest river in the world by water discharge.

    29. In which one of the following places is electricity generated from hydel power ?

    (1) Neyveli 
    (2) Ennore
    (3) Tuticorin 
    (4) Mettur
    29. (4) The Mettur Dam is one of the largest dams in India built in 1934. It was constructed in a gorge,
    where the Kaveri River enters the plains in Tamil Nadu. The dam is one of the oldest in India. It provides irrigation facilities to parts of Salem, the length of Erode, Namakkal, Karur, Tiruchirapalli and Thanjavur district for 271,000 acres of farm land. The total length of the dam is 1,700 m. The dam creates Stanley Reservoir.

    30. Who was the Chief Guest on the 61st Republic Day Parade of India ?

    (1) President of Afghanistan
    (2) President of South Korea
    (3) Prime Minister of Bangladesh
    (4) Prime Minister of Japan
    30. (*) As India celebrated its 61st Republic day on January 26, the capital witnessed a gala event. The
    chief guest was Indonesian President Dr Haji Yudhoyono, who was welcomed by President Pratibha
    Patil, the Prime Minister and other dignitaries. He has been President of Indonesia since 2004.
    Yudhoyono won the 2004 presidential election, defeating incumbent President Megawati Sukarnoputri. Widely known in Indonesia by his initials “SBY”, he was sworn into office on 20 October 2004, together with Jusuf Kalla as Vice President. He ran for re-election in 2009 with Boediono as his
    running mate, and won with an outright majority of the votes in the first round of balloting; he was sworn in for a second term on 20 October 2009. Note : India is celebrating its 68th Republic Day in
    2017. This year the Republic Day Chief Guest is Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin
    Zayed Al Nahyan.He is also the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and head of the UAE offsets programme bureau & the Abu Dhabi Education Council established in 2005.

    31. Which troubled model was recalled recently by the Indian automobile giant Maruti Suzuki for replacement of faulty fuel pump gasket?

    (1) Maruti 800
    (2) Maruti A-Star
    (3) Wagon R
    (4) Baleno
    31. (2) Maruti Suzuki announced its decision to recall as many as 1 lakh A-Star cars – the flagship export model of the company – in order to replace a faulty fuel pump gasket. This was the biggest recall so far in the Indian automotive industry. Maruti Suzuki constantly monitors quality of its products through feedback and internal analysis. It was during one such exercise, in November 2009 that the company came across an abnormality reported in the fuel tank in some of the A-Star cars. By December 2009, Maruti Suzuki began contacting the customers of A-Star cars through letters.

    32. As a part of Human Resource Development Ministry’s ‘brain gain’ policy to attract global talent, 14 world class univer-sities to attract global talents are proposed to be set up in various states. Name the state from the following where no university of the aforesaid type is proposed to be located.

    (1) Punjab 
    (2) Bihar
    (3) Rajasthan 
    (4) Uttaranchal
    32. (4) In a move that could result in the exodus of Indian scholars and teachers from foreign universities back to the country, HRD ministry’s new Brain Gain policy promises unheard of academic freedom, negotiable salaries, massive research funds, right environment, freedom from regulation and bureaucratic control and a good quality of life. The ministry’s Brain Gain policy is aimed at attracting Indian talent for 14 proposed national universities to be developed as ‘global centres of innovation’ The proposed universities will be set up in Orissa, Kerala, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. The Brain Gain policy also seeks to provide high-quality life on the campus with access to schools for the children of teachers, residence, health facilities, leisure, and entertainment.

    33. The maximum limit on poll expenditure for Assembly Constituencies has been raised in February, 2011 to

    (1) 16 lakhs 
    (2) 18 lakhs
    (3) 20 lakhs 
    (4) 25 lakhs
    33. (1) In an attempt to deal with the use of black money in elections, the maximum poll expenditure for parliamentary constituencies was increased to Rs 40 lakh and to Rs 16 lakh for assembly constituencies. Expenditure limit varies according to the size of states. The law ministry issued a notification amending the Conduct of Election Rules. Till this notification, in big states, the upper spending limit in parliamentary constituency was Rs 25 lakh and Rs 10 lakh in assembly constituencies.
    Note : As per the current norms (2016), ceiling for Lok Sabha poll to Rs.70 lakh per candidate from the
    existing Rs.40 lakh, and for the Assembly poll to Rs.28 lakh from Rs.16 lakh. However, this is applicable only in the bigger States. In Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Sikkim, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Chandigarh, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep and Pondicherry, the ceiling for LS poll is Rs.54 lakh. For Assembly elections, the new ceiling in Arunachal Pradesh, Goa, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, Tripura and Pondicherry is Rs.20 lakh.

    34. First Indian Prime Minister to visit Siachen has been

    (1) Rajiv Gandhi
    (2) Inder Kumar Gujaral
    (3) Man Mohan Singh
    (4) None of the above
    34. (3) The Siachen glacier region is the highest battleground on Earth, where India and Pakistan have
    fought intermittently since April 1984. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh became the first Indian Prime
    Minister to visit the area, during which he called for a peaceful resolution of the problem. Before him, the President of India, Abdul Kalam became the first head of state to visit the area.

    35. Indian Army’s Operation ‘Saiyam’ was related to :

    (1) Kashmir
    (2) Indo-China Border in the Central Region
    (3) North-East
    (4) Indo-Pak Border in Punjab and Rajasthan
    35. (4) ‘Operation Saiyam’ was unique Army operation in November 2010 to defuse about 20,000 unexploded bombs weighing about 50 tonnes that had arrived in waste steel scrap at the dry port of Dhandari Kalan (Ludhiana), thereby preventing any possible disaster in the civil areas in and around Ludhiana. Imported from Gulf countries in the garb of metal scrap by nine firms located in Mandi Gobindgarh and Ludhiana to be recycled into steel, the war scrap was found to contain mainly mortar bombs, projectiles, grenades, rockets, detonators and artillery shells with no traces of any chemical weapons. 

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