National Events GK Quiz-5

National Events GK Quiz-5

National Events Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on National Events for competitive examinations.

    71. Who is the brand ambassador of Nokia Phones in India ?

    (1) Shah Rukh Khan
    (2) Aamir Khan
    (3) Abhishek Bachchan
    (4) M.S. Dhoni
    71. (1) Nokia appointed Hindi film superstar Shah Rukh Khan as its corporate brand ambassador in 2007. The marketing initiative aimed to highlight the integral role and criticality of Nokia in the lives of people who use the brand.

    72. “Consumer Electronic Imaging’ Fair 2013", formally called as “Photo Fair”, will be organize in January 2015 at

    (1) Kolkata 
    (2) Chennai
    (3) Delhi 
    (4) Mumbai
    72. (3) The Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair 2013 was held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi in January 2013. The 19th mega show titled “Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair - 2014”, shortly known as CEIF-2014, was held in Mumbai.
    Note : Consumer Electronic Imaging fair popularly known as CEIF is a major yearly event of All India
    Photographic Trade and Industry Association (AIPTIA) and being organized presently between Mumbai and New Delhi alternatively. The “Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair-2017” was cancelled. It was scheduled to be held from 5-6-7 January 2017 at “INDIA EXPO CENTRE”, in Greater Noida, New Delhi – NCR.

    73. The name of the train ‘‘Shatabdi Express’’ refers to the centenary of

    (1) Mahatma Gandhi
    (2) Indian National Congress
    (3) India’s War of Independence
    (4) Jawaharlal Nehru
    73. (4) The word “Shatabdi” means centenary in Sanskrit, Hindi and several Indian languages. The first Shatabdi train was started in 1988 to commemorate the centenary of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru’s Birthday (the First Prime Minister of India) by Madhav Rao Scindia, minister for railways. It operated from New Delhi to Jhansi, later extended to Bhopal.

    74. It was decided to obsereve Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday October 2 as the International Non violence Day at

    (1) International Indology Conference
    (2) Satyagraha Centenary Conference
    (3) Congress Foundation Day Celebration
    (4) None of these
    74. (2) At the Satyagraha Conference in New Delhi in January 2007, Sonia Gandhi and Archbishop
    Desmond Tutu called upon the United Nations to observe 2 October as the International Day of Non Violence. On 15 June, 2007, the United Nations General Assembly voted to establish 2 October as
    the International Day of Non-Violence. 

    75. Who became the Chief Minister of Tripura after the elections held in February 2013 ?

    (1) Agatha Sangam
    (2) Manik Sarkar
    (3) Ikram Obibi Singh
    (4) Prakash Karat
    75. (2) In the Tripura Legislative Assembly elections, held in February 2013, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) under incumbent Chief Minister Manik Sarkar, won 49 out of 60 seats. Sarkar became the chief minister for the fourth consecutive time.

    76. The centenary session of the Indian Science Congress was held in January 2013 in

    (1) Kolkata 
    (2) Chennai
    (3) Mumbai 
    (4) Ernakulam
    76. (1) The Centenary Session of Indian Science Congress was organised in University of Calcutta, Kolkata, in January 2013. Kolkata hosted the Indian Science Congress for the 13th time. The city had hosted first Science Congress in 1914 and hosted the event last in 1995.

    77. Who was elected as the new Chief Minister in Meghalaya after the assembly election in 2013 ?

    (1) Mukul Sangma
    (2) D.D Lapang
    (3) Salseng C. Marak
    (4) P. A. Sangma
    77. (1) In Meghalaya Legislative Assembly election of 2013, the Indian National Congress under Mukul Sangama won 29 of the 60 seats at stake. He was elected Chief Minister of the state by Governor R S Mooshahary for the second time.

    78. Who among the following was sworn in as Lokayukta of Rajasthan ?

    (1) Amitava Roy
    (2) Sajjan Singh Kothari
    (3) Vasundhara Raje
    (4) Mahipal Singh
    78. (2) Former judge of the Rajasthan High Court Justice Sajjan Singh Kothari was appointed as the new Lokayukta of Rajasthan in March 2013. Kothari’s selection was made by a panel that included the Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition and the Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court.

    79. Name the acid attack victim who was honoured with prestigious “International Woman of Courage” award on March 4, 2014 at the State Department Ceremony in Washington by Michelle Obama, first lady of the U.S.

    (1) Malini 
    (2) Laxmi
    (3) Nirbhaya 
    (4) Shivani
    79. (2) Laxmi, a victim of acid attack and a standardbearer for the movement to end acid attacks, received the prestigious International Women of Courage Award from US First Lady Michelle Obama at an awards ceremony at the State Department in Washington. This is the only Department of State award that pays tribute to emerging women leaders worldwide.

    80. On 2nd June 2015 a Conference on Make in India Indigenisation of currency was organised by the department of Economic Affairs,Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. Who inaugurated the Conference ?

    (1) Finance Minister
    (2) Finance Secretary
    (3) Governor R.B.I.
    (4) Prime Minister
    80. (1) Finance Minister Arun Jaitley inaugurated the conference on ‘Make in India - Indigenization of Currency’ in New Delhi. He underlined the need for indigenization of paper, ink and security features of Indian currency. In this context, he mentioned the beginning of commercial production of higher denomination of bank note paper at SPM, Hoshangabad.

    81. The Thirteenth Pravasi Bhartiy Divas was held on 8th and 9th January 2015 at:

    (1) Indore 
    (2) Bangaluru
    (3) New Delhi 
    (4) Gandhinagar
    81. (4) The 13th Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) was held during 7–9 January 2015 at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The Theme for this year was “Apna Bharat, Apna Gaurav”. PBD is celebrated in India on 9 January each year, commemorating the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa on 9 January 1915.
    Note : Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is celebrated in India on 9 January every other year (every year before 2016) to mark the contribution of the overseas Indian community to the development of India. The day commemorates the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa in Bombay on 9 January 1915. Dr. Antonio Costa, Prime Minister of the Republic of Portugal was the Special Guest for Youth Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2017. The 14th edition of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) began in the country’s IT hub Bangalore, Karnataka. The theme of this edition is “Redefining Engagement with the Indian Diaspora”.

    82. When was the last telegram sent in India?

    (1) July 14, 2013
    (2) August 1, 2013
    (3) July 30, 2013
    (4) June 14, 2013
    82. (1) The last telegram was sent to Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on 14 July 2013. The last message was booked at the counter of Central Telegraph Office (CTO) Janpath in New Delhi by one Ashwani Mishra. Telegram was started in 1850 on an experimental basis between Kolkata and Diamond Harbour.

    83. Which Indian newspaper has the largest readership ?

    (1) The Dainik Jagran
    (2) Indian Express
    (3) The Malayala Manorama
    (4) The Hindu
    83. (1) According to the 2015 report of Indian Readership Survey, Dainik Jagran tops the chart with a
    readership of over 16.6 million. Hindustan (14.7 million) and Dainik Bhaskar (13.8 million) round off the top 3 publications in India. Founded during the ‘Quit India Movement’ in 1942, Dainik Jagran belongs to Jagran Prakash Limited and is distributed in 11 states of India.

    84. The famous activist Medha Patakar is associated with which movement ?

    (1) Beti Padao Andolan
    (2) Narmda Bachao Andolan
    (3) Preserve the wet lands
    (4) Save the Tiger
    84. (2) Medha Patkar is an Indian social activist and social reformer turned politician who founded the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) in 1989. is a social movement consisting of adivasis, farmers, environmentalists, and human rights activists against a number of large dams being built across the Narmada river.

    85. India’s ranking on Global Corruption Index 2014 has been placed at _____ rank among 175 nations.

    (1) 83rd 
    (2) 85th
    (3) 87th 
    (4) 81st
    85. (2) India ranked 85th among 175 nations on perceived corruption index, according to Transparency International (TI), the global watchdog on graft and abuses of power, in December 2014. Denmark retained its position as the least corrupt country in 2014 with a score of 92 while North Korea and Somalia shared the last place.
    Note : India has been ranked 79th among 176 countries in the Corruption Perception Index 2016 released by the Transparency International organization. Its score marginally improved from 38 in 2015 to 40 in 2016. India had a score of 36 in 2012.

    86. Who is the new Director of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) ?

    (1) Prashant Pathrabe
    (2) Amol Palekar
    (3) Shabana Azmi
    (4) Bhupendra Kainthola
    86. (4) Bhupendra Kainthola, an Indian Information Service (IIS) officer of 1989 batch, was in April 2016, appointed as the new Director of Film and Television Institute of India (FTII). Previously, he worked with PIB, Directorate of Audio Visual Publicity (DAVP), Directorate of Film Festival and Lok Sabha Television.

    87. Which of the following states has declared a ban on the use of plastic in the state for the first time?

    (1) Punjab 
    (2) Karnataka
    (3) Gujarat 
    (4) Maharashtra
    87. (3) Gujarat Government, in August 2015, declared ban on the use of plastic in the state for the first
    time. This decision was taken keeping in view protection of environment, cleanliness and cattle health.
    Several municipal bodies in the state have already banned use of plastic bags thinner than 40 microns.

    88. Who among the following has been appointed as the Chairman of India’s Oscar Jury by Mumbai based Film Federation of India?

    (1) Amol Palekar
    (2) Jaya Bachchan
    (3) Anupam Kher
    (4) Amitabh Bachchan
    88. (1) Veteran actor-director Amol Palekar was, in August 2015, appointed as chairman of India’s Oscar jury, which will select the country’s official entry in the best foreign film category of the 88th Academy Awards. The “Gol Maal” star whose film “Paheli” was India’s official entry for the Academy Awards in 2005, will be heading the 17-member jury.

    89. Which state’s High Court imposed a complete ban on all types of buffalo and bull fights in the state, stating that it is against the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960?

    (1) Tamil Nadu
    (2) Maharashtra
    (3) Himachal Pradesh
    (4) Karnataka
    89. (3) The Himachal Pradesh High Court, in July 2015, imposed a complete ban on all types of buffalo and bull fights in the hill State, stating that it is against the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960. The court termed these fights as severe brutality against the animals.

    90. The Person known for “Communication Revolution in India” is:

    (1) Prannoy Roy
    (2) Petroda Ericson
    (3) Craig Wigginton
    (4) Sam Pitroda
    90. (4) In his capacity as technology Advisor to the Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi in 1984, Sam Pitroda both heralded the telecom revolution in India, and made a strong case for using technology for the benefit of society through missions on telecommunications. He is better known as the “father of India’s communication revolution”.

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