World Geography GK Quiz-5

World Geography GK Quiz-5

World Geography Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Quiz for State and UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Objective Questions on World Geography for competitive examinations.

    Question: Japan’s famous shipbuilding Industries are located at :

    (1) Detroit 
    (2) Pittsburgh
    (3) Kobe 
    (4) Las Vegas
    Answer: (3) Kobe 
    Japan’s famous shipbuilding industries are located at Kobe. Shozo Kawasaki established Kawasaki Tsukiji shipyard in Tokyo in 1878 and the second shipyard in Kobe in 1886.

    Question: The largest producer of wool in the world is

    (1) Australia 
    (2) China
    (3) Argentina 
    (4) New Zealand
    Answer: (1) Australia 
    The country with the largest production of wool is Australia. Australia’s production is 25% of the world’s total production or equivalent to 475 million kg. The next largest wool-producing country is China – 18% of the world’s production.

    Question: Which one of the following is correctly matched ?

    a. North China : Rice
    b. South China : Wheat
    c. Candy Basin : Coffee
    d. Malaysia : Natural Rubber
    (1) a 
    (2) b
    (3) c 
    (4) d
    Answer: (4)
    Asia is the main source of natural rubber. The three largest producing countries of natural rubber are Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. They together account for around 72% of natural rubber production of the world.

    Question: The Daocheng Yading Airport is located in

    (1) Thailand 
    (2) Philippines
    (3) China 
    (4) Tibet
    Answer: (4) Tibet
    Daocheng Yading Airport is scheduled for construction in Daocheng County in Garzê Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, China. At 4,410 m above sea level, it will be higher than Qamdo Bangda Airport, the world’s current highest airport.

    Question: The civilian Airport of highest altitude is in

    (1) Tibet 
    (2) Nepal
    (3) India 
    (4) China
    Answer: (4) China
    Daocheng Yading Airport in southwest China’s Sichuan Province is the world’s highest-altitude civilian airport. It is located at a height of 4,411 meters above sea level.

    Question: The country where drip irrigation is more efficiently used is

    (1) India 
    (2) Israel
    (3) Sri Lanka 
    (4) England
    Answer: (2) Israel
    Most of the credit for making drip irrigation what it is today goes to Israel and South Africa where it is most efficiently used. As with most water-scarce countries, Israel has seen firsthand how efficient irrigation methods and strategic water reuse can help ensure sustainable, reliable agricultural production.

    Question: Ports of the Baltic Sea remain open for trade even during winter because

    (1) It lies in the tropical belt.
    (2) North Atlantic Drift, a warm ocean current flows in the region.
    (3) Local winds keep it warm.
    (4) Western disturbances cause abrupt rise in the temperature.
    Answer: (2) North Atlantic Drift, a warm ocean current flows in the region.
    It is due to the North Atlantic Drift which is a warm water ocean current, an extension of the Gulf Stream. This current keep the ports along the coasts warm enough to stay open year around.

    Question: Major South-West Asian oil fields are located in

    (1) Shore regions of Persian Gulf
    (2) Euphratis-Tigris Basin
    (3) Arabian Desert
    (4) Rub-al-Khali Desert
    Answer: (1) Shore regions of Persian Gulf
    The Persian Gulf and its coastal areas are the world’s largest single source of crude oil. The oil-rich countries (excluding Iraq) that have a coastline on the Persian Gulf are referred to as the Persian Gulf States.

    Question: Which of the biomes is called the “Bread Basket” of the world?

    (1) Mid-latitude grasslands
    (2) Taiga
    (3) Mediterranean
    (4) Tropical Savannah
    Answer: (1) Mid-latitude grasslands
    The mid-latitude grasslands are called the world’s bread baskets regions of grain and livestock
    production. They are found in the middle latitudes of South America, North America, Africa and Asia.

    Question: The shortest air route from Perth to London is

    (1) Perth-Mumbai-Rome-London
    (2) Perth-Ankara-Paris-London
    (3) Perth-Aden-Paris-London
    (4) Perth-Mombasa-Rome-London
    Answer: (2) Perth-Ankara-Paris-London
    The distance between London and Perth is 8989 miles (or 14466 kilometres). The shortest air route from Perth to London is Perth-Ankara, Paris-London.

    Question: Which one of the following countries has no mineral deposits ?

    (1) Switzerland 
    (2) Austria
    (3) Norway 
    (4) Sri Lanka
    Answer: (1) Switzerland 
    Switzerland has no mineral resources; two third of its area is covered with forests, lakes and mountains. Due to the paucity of mineral resources, it has to import, process and resell them as products.

    Question: Which of the following countries contributes the maximum to the world’s diamond supply ?

    (1) Russia 
    (2) U.S.A.
    (3) Japan 
    (4) South Africa
    Answer: (1) Russia 
    The world’s largest producers of natural diamonds are Russia, Congo and Botswana, all together accounting for 60% of the global diamond production. The government-run super-major ALROSA accounts for approximately 95% of all Russian diamond production.

    Question: Largest producer of Bauxite in the world is

    (1) U.S.A. 
    (2) Jamaica
    (3) Chile 
    (4) Australia
    Answer: (4) Australia
    In 2009, Australia was the top producer of bauxite with almost one-third of the world’s production, followed by China, Brazil, India, and Guinea. In November 2010, Nguyen Tan Dung, the Prime Minister of Vietnam, announced that Vietnam’s bauxite reserves might total 11000 Mt; this would be the largest in the world.

    Question: The world’s growing appetite for what food product is a leading cause of tropical deforestation ?

    (1) Pork 
    (2) Sugar
    (3) Lamb 
    (4) Beef
    Answer: (4) Beef
    Researchers have recently focused on the economic agents which play a critical role in deforestation. Some such agents are: soy beans, beef, cattle, palm oil, timber and pulp, wood for fuel, etc. The world’s growing appetite for beef has contributed significantly to the destruction of tropical rain forests.

    Question: Which of the following is the world’s largest mining port ?

    (1) Nhavasheva 
    (2) Hamilton
    (3) Hedland 
    (4) Pardon
    Answer: (3) Hedland 
    Port Hedland in Western Australia is the world’s largest mining port. It is one of the largest iron ore loading ports in the world and the largest in Australia. It is also the busiest bulk export ports in the world.

    Question: Which of the following is the major copper producing country ?

    (1) Sri Lanka 
    (2) Indonesia
    (3) Chile 
    (4) Russia
    Answer: (4) Russia
    Chile is the world’s largest copper producing country. It hosts six of the 10 largest copper mines in the world; the remaining four are located in Peru, Mexico and Indonesia. Escondida copper mine in the Atacama Desert in Chile is the world’s largest copper mine by reserve.

    Question: Which of the following countries is not an exporter of tea?

    (1) United Kingdom
    (2) Sri Lanka
    (3) India
    (4) Kenya
    Answer: (1) United Kingdom
    Kenya, China, Sri Lanka India and Vietnam are the leading exporters of tea in the world. These five countries are the major producers of tea as well. The United Kingdom is one of the major importers of tea. India is the world’s largest tea-drinking nation.

    Question: The longest continental Railway in the world is

    (1) Trans Atlantic Railway
    (2) Trans Siberian Railway
    (3) Canadian Pacific Railway
    (4) Canadian National Railway
    Answer: (2) Trans Siberian Railway
    Trans-Siberian Railway, that connects Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan, is the longest railway line in the world with a length of 9,289 km. There are connecting branch lines into Mongolia, China and North Korea.

    Question: Match the following :

    A. Rice 
    B. Maize 
    C. Rubber 
    D. Sugarcane 
    First in the world
    1. Brazil
    2. Malaysia
    3. China
    4. U.S.A.
    (1) A-1, B-3, C-4, D-2
    (2) A-2, B-1, C-3, D-4
    (3) A-3, B-4, C-2, D-1
    (4) A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3
    Answer: (3)
    Rice: China; Maize: United States of America; Rubber: Malaysia; Sugarcane: Brazil

    Question: Birmingham in U.K. is famous for

    (1) Iron and Steel industry
    (2) Sugar industry
    (3) Paper industry
    (4) Aluminium industry
    Answer: (1) Iron and Steel industry
    Birmingham, one of the seats of Industrial Revolution, has traditionally been known for its iron and steel industry. Famous as “the first manufacturing town in the world” in 1791, today the city’s products include: motor vehicles, vehicle components and accessories, weapons, electrical equipment, plastics, machine tools, chemicals, food, jewellery and glass.

    Question: World’s largest producer of coffee is

    (1) Peru 
    (2) Argentina
    (3) India 
    (4) Brazil
    Answer: (4) Brazil
    Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and the second largest coffee-consuming nation in the world. It contributes 40% of the world’s total coffee supply. Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world, accounting for 16% of global production.

    Question: The biggest oil spill in world history took place in the :

    (1) Mediterrarean Sea
    (2) Caspian Sea
    (3) Persian Gulf
    (4) South China Sea
    Answer: (4) South China Sea
    The worst oil spill in history wasn’t an accident — it was deliberate. During the Gulf War in 1991, as Iraqi forces retreated from Kuwait, they opened the valves of oil wells and pipelines in a bid to slow the onslaught of American troops. The result was the largest oil spill history has seen. Some 240 million gallons of crude oil flowed into the Persian Gulf.

    Question: Cuba is the largest producer of

    (1) Barley 
    (2) Sugar
    (3) Wheat 
    (4) Rice
    Answer: (2)
    Historically, Cuba was the largest producer of sugarcane and one of the leading exporters in the 20th century. It was once known as ‘sugar bowl of the world. However, its place has now been taken by Brazil. At present, Brazil, India and China are the three leading sugar producing countries of the world.

    Question: Which among the following is the world’s highest road pass accessible on a motor vehicle ?

    (1) Marsimik La
    (2) Semo La
    (3) Khardung La
    (4) Dungri La
    Answer: (3) Khardung La
    Satellite images from Google Earth and NASA World Wind showsthat Semo La, with an elevation of 5,565 m/18,258 feet, is the world's highest motorable pass. Situated in the central part of Tibet, it gives access to the Chang Tang region. It is alternative access route to western Tibet and Mount Kailash.

    Question: The correct sequence of countries on basis of fish catch in descending order :

    (1) China, Japan, Peru
    (2) Japan, China, Peru,
    (3) China, Peru, Japan
    (4) Peru, China, Japan
    Answer: (3) China, Peru, Japan
    According to ‘The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture’ 2014 of Food and Agriculture Organization, China is the largest fish producing country in the world. It produced 13869604 tonnes of fish in 2012. Indonesia, USA, Peru, Russian Federation and Japan come next in sequential order.

    Question: The biggest reserves of Thorium are in

    (1) China 
    (2) USA
    (3) India 
    (4) France
    Answer: (3) India 
    Both the IAEA and OECD appear to conclude that India may possess the largest share of world’s thorium deposits. Of the currently known world thorium reserves, India has a mammoth share - ranging from 25-30% of the total of 1,160 thousand tonnes. In India, thorium is mainly found in the beach sands on the Kerala coast.

    Question: One of the leading producers of asbestos in the world is

    (1) Australia 
    (2) Russia
    (3) Canada 
    (4) Armenia
    Answer: (2) Russia
    As per the statistics for world mine production of asbestos from 2010 to 2015, Russia is the world’s largest producer of asbestos, with an annual production of around 1.1 million metric tons. Russia’s share in the global production is about 55%. China, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Canada come next.

    Question: Asbestos is found maximum in which of the following countries?

    (1) Australia 
    (2) Canada
    (3) Africa 
    (4) Russia
    Answer: (4) Russia
    Russia is the largest producer of asbestos in the world, a trend which it has maintained since 2000. It had about 55% world share in 2015 followed by China (20%), Brazil (15.6%), and Kazakhstan (10.8%). Russian company Uralasbest is the world’s largest producer of chrysotile asbestos.

    Question: The civilian airport of highest altitude is in

    (1) Tibet 
    (2) Nepal
    (3) India 
    (4) China
    Answer: (1) Tibet 
    Daocheng Yading Airport of Tibet is the world’s highest-altitude civilian airport, at 4,411 metres above sea level. It is located near the Yading Nature Reserve in the eastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau. The airport was inaugurated by China in September 2013.

    Question: The country which tops in the production of cocoa is

    (1) Ghana 
    (2) Brazil
    (3) Ivory Coast 
    (4) Nigeria
    Answer: (3) Ivory Coast 
    The Ivory Coast supplies 30 per cent of the world’s total cocoa, leading the rest of the world by over half a million metric tons with a total crop of 1,448,992 tonnes. Companies like Nestle and Cadbury receive much of their cocoa from the Ivory Coast. Ghana is the second leading producer of cocoa in the world. Top Cocoa Producing Countries in the world
    Rank Country Production (tonnes)
    1 Cote of d'Ivoire 1,448,992
    2 Ghana 835,466
    3 Indonesia 777,500
    4 Nigeria 367,000
    5 Cameroon 275,000

    Question: The longest railway line in the world connects _______

    (1) New York and Seattle
    (2) Leningrad and Vladivostok
    (3) Trivandrum and Guwahati
    (4) Perth and Sydney
    Answer: (2) Leningrad and Vladivostok
    The Trans-Siberian Railway, a network of railways connecting Moscow with the Russian Far East, is the longest railway line in the world with a length of 9,289 kilometres. The main route of the Trans-Siberian Railway begins in Moscow and connects Vladivostok via southern Siberia.

    Question: Three crops that contribute maximum to global food grain production are _________

    (1) wheat, rice, barley
    (2) rice, maize, sorghum
    (3) wheat, maize, sorghum
    (4) wheat, rice, maize
    Answer: (4) wheat, rice, maize
    Maize (corn), rice and whet are the three major foodgrains of the world. As per the 2012 figures, maize was the most important crop with production of 873 million metric tons. Rice and what came next with 738 and 671 million metric tons.

    Question: The world’s largest and deepest rail tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel is located in which country?

    (1) Belgium 
    (2) Austria
    (3) Switzerland
    (4) Sweden
    Answer: (3) Switzerland
    The Gotthard Base Tunnelis a railway base tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It opened on 1 June 2016, and full service began on 11 December 2016.With a route length of 57.09 km, it is the world’s longest and deepest traffic tunnel and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps.

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