Important World Geography GK questions quiz

Important World Geography GK Questions, meaning & source of world geography, world geography quiz

National GK provides you a collection of previous year questions & their answers of World Geography. These questions of World Geography are very important. If you wish to score high in ssc-cgl or in any other competitive exams,then you can not skip world geography.

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What do you mean by World Geography?

Basically, geography is the study of places and the relationship b/w people and their environment. It also includes physical properties of Earth's surface. Geography helps us to understand where things are found & why there are there? & how they were developed and changed over time. So , studying all these parameters in relation with the world is known as world geography.

Which is the best source for World Geography?

There are many sources on the internet to study world geography. Some of them are given below:

World Geography Quiz

The Quiz on world geography by is based on past questions & answers. There is 11 World Geography Quizes. You can access them by click on their respective links.

World Geography GK

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