‘Insectivorous plants’ trap insects for

‘Insectivorous plants’ trap insects for
(1) Nitrogen
(2) Fats
(3) Vitamins
(4) Carbohydrates
Answer: (1) Nitrogen
Explanation: Insectivorous plants trap creepy crawlies in light of the fact that they fill in a dirt which is insufficient in nitrogen, (for example, acidic marshes and rock outcrops). The creepy crawlies they feed on help them in satisfying their nitrogen needs. Venus flytrap, pitcher plant, utricularia, drosera and Rafflesia are the instances of insectivorous plants.
Some of the important points about Insectivorous plants are as given below: 
  • Insectivorous plants are the plants that derive their nutrition by feeding on insects and other organisms.
  • Insectivorous plants are found in the places, where there is a lack of some nutrients, especially nitrogen.
  • The insectivorous plants are colourful and shiny in appearance to attract insects. They often have nectars and a pleasant odour to attract insects.
  • The insectivorous plants are found for the most part in wet, moist, damp, and acidic soil, that is inadequate in supplements, like bogs, marshes, wetlands, beach front fields, and so on They are found in the wet areas of North America, Australia, and tropical locales.

Insectivorous plants

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