List of most Important Poets in Ancient Indian History

List of most Important Poets in Ancient Indian History:

Reading Indian history includes a ton of information and insights concerning such countless people and their commitments. This subtleties prompts jumbling of data in brains and disarray in tests even subsequent to going through the material altogether. The present circumstance might benefit from some intervention by arranging data as per different heads, and afterward reexamining it on numerous occasions for maintenance in memory. Under this undertaking to figure things out in Indian history, we at National GK, have incorporated investigation material and notes about Important Poets in Ancient Indian History for fast modification. 

Old Indian writing has been a delegated greatness for our progress exhibiting the enormous measure of ability and aptitude appeared by the actual experts. These have additionally been an immensely significant wellspring of archiving Indian history of old occasions. Yet, these portrayals must be considered in view of alert while keeping that larger part of these writers delivered their works under support of a ruler. Consequently, their works are typically one-sided towards their supporters. 

These contemplations about the commitments make crafted by history specialists troublesome and profoundly abstract. Fortunately, the inquiries posed in different serious tests are normally founded on either crafted by the Poet or their supporter. Thusly, we have here the rundown of exceptionally significant artists in Ancient Indian history as a feature of our set of experiences study material. 

Allow us to get into brief scraps about significant artists and their commitments alongside their benefactors.

Poets/Authors Patron Contribution
Banabhatt/ ‘Bana’ Harshvardhan Kadambari, Harsha Charita
Kalidasa Chandragupta II Kumarasambhava , Raghuvamsa, Meghdoota, Ritusambara. His plays are Abhijan Shakuntalam, Vikramorvashi and Malvikaganimithram.
Amarsimha Chandra gupta II
Harisena Samudragupta II Prayag Prashasti on Allahabad Pillar inscription
Shudraka Mrichchha Katikam
Vishakhadutta Harshavardhan Mudra Rakshas and Devichandraguptam
Ashvaghosa Kanishka Buddhacharitra (a biography of Buddha), Saundarananda
Ravikirti Pulkesin II Aihole inscription
Jinasena Amoghavarsha Harivamshapurana
Dandin Narsimhavarman Dasakumaracarita, Kavyadarsa
Bhavabhuti Yasovarman Malatimadhava, Mahaviracharita
Rajashekhar Mahindrapala Kavyamimamsa, and Karpuramanjari (written to please his wife in Sauraseni Prakrit).
Magha King Varmalata Sishupalavadha (about the killing of Shishupal)
Bharavi Yasodharman Kiratarjuniyam (about Kirat and Arjun)
Jayadev Geet Govinda (Krishna and Radha)
Thiruvalluvar Thirukkural (tamil epic)

List of most Important Poets in Ancient Indian History

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