The latex of which plant is used commercially ?

The latex of which plant is used commercially ?
(1) Papaya plant
(2) Sial kanta plant
(3) Rubber plant
(4) Banyan tree
Answer: (3) Rubber plant
Explanation: Rubber plant is reaped principally as the latex from the elastic tree. The latex is a tacky, smooth colloid drawn off by making cuts in the bark and gathering the liquid in vessels in a cycle called "tapping". The latex at that point is refined into elastic prepared for business handling.
Some of the important points about Rubber plant are as follows:
  • Rubber Plant is an evergreen tree of fast and large growth when it is in the natural state, having a height that often exceeds 25 m (82 ft). When grown, the annual growth rate is moderate and does not exceed a height of 15 m (50 ft).
  • The leaves of the Rubber Plant are large, simple and leathery, nice green in color. They are relatively thick, acuminate at apex and have a round base.
  • The flowers are produced in the interior of an axillary inflorescence and they have a creamy white color. The males consist of 4 sepals of ovate shape and bear a solitary stamen with ovoid anther. The females consist of 4 ovate-shaped sepals and have a short style with papillate stigma.
  • Rubber Plant does not often have serious problems from pests or diseases, but as with most plants of the genus, some parasites have their objections to this issue.

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