The only living tissue in plant xylem is

The only living tissue in plant xylem is
(1) Trachea
(2) Xylem fibre
(3) Xylem parenchyma
(4) Tracheid
Answer: (3) Xylem parenchyma

Explanation: Xylem parenchyma is the solitary living segment found in xylem tissue. They are living cells related with the xylem that are found in the middle of the vessels and the strands. They go about as capacity place of starch and fat with aiding conduction of water. Xylem is an unpredictable lasting tissue specific for the conduction of water and mineral substances in plants.

Some of the important points about Xylem parenchyma are: 
  • Parenchyma cells of xylem are mostly associated with the capacity of sugar, fats and water conduction.
  • Xylem Parenchyama are the Only living cells of xylem.
  • Living parenchyma cells are found in both primary and secondary xylem.
  • Both axial and ray parenchyma cells which are present beside vessels form outgrowths called “tyloses”.
  • The parenchyma cells that give rise to tyloses are termed as “contact cells”.
  • Cells are colourless and have large vacuoles.
Functions of Xylem Parenchyma are as given below:
  • Capacity of food material as starch, fats, tannins and gems (crystals).
  • They are responsible for the restoration of vessels and tracheids functionality when there is blockage of the cavity due to the air bubble (embolism). Cavitation occurs due to the high tension of water in the xylem tissues.
  • Xylem parenchyma cells are engaged with the upkeep of xylem transport limit.
  • Xylem parenchyma cells are closely connected to vessels or tracheids through outgrowths called tyloses. During drought or infection, these tyloses help to prevent damage to vascular tissues.
  • Radial conduction of water takes place by the ray parenchymatous cell.

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