Which of the following books is called the ‘Bible of Socialism’?

Which of the following books is called the ‘Bible of Socialism’?
(1) Economics of Welfare
(2) Das Capital
(3) Value and Capital
(4) Asian Drama
Answer: (2) Das Capital

Explanation: In 1867, Karl Marx composed the primary volume of Capital: Critique of Political Economy (Das Kapital) which got known as the "Authoritative guide of the Working Class" or the "Guidebook for Socialism." The book is a fundamental hypothetical book in socialist way of thinking, financial matters and legislative issues. It offered an evaluate of the political economy of free enterprise.

Some of the important points about Das Capital:
  • Written in the nineteenth Century by German savant and financial specialist Karl Marx, Das Kapital is basically a depiction of how the industrialist framework functions and how, Marx claims, it will obliterate itself.
  • Marx had effectively set out his thoughts on class battle - how the laborers of the world would hold onto power from the decision elites - in the Communist Manifesto and different compositions. 
  • Das Kapital is an endeavor to give these thoughts an establishing in unquestionable certainty and logical examination. 
  • It's anything but a simple read. The result of 30 years of work, and Marx's investigation of the state of laborers in English processing plants at the stature of the modern insurgency, it is part history, part financial aspects and part social science. 
  • As Marx's biographer Francis Wheen has called attention to, it peruses on occasions such as a Gothic epic "whose legends are subjugated and devoured by the beast they made". 
  • In straightforward terms, Marx contends that a monetary framework dependent on private benefit is intrinsically shaky.

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