Indian Polity GK Quiz-46

101. Right to Privacy comes under (1) Article 19  (2) Article 20 (3) Article 21  (4) Article 18 Answer: 101. (3) The Indian constitution does not expressly recognise the right to privacy. But after the case of Kharak Singh vs. State of U.P (1963), the Supreme Court for the first time recognised the right as being implicit in the Constitution under Article 21 (Right to Life and Personal Liberty). The apex court later reinforced Right to privacy as being part of Article 21 in the following cases: Govind vs State of Madhya Pradesh (1975); R. Rajagopal vs. State of Tamil Nadu (1994); PUCL v. Union of India (1997). 102. Which of the following constitutional Amendment Act, deals with the Elementary Education as a Fundamental Right? (1) 84th Amendment Act (2) 85th Amendment Act (3) 86th Amendment Act (4) 87th Amendment Act Answer: 102. (3) The 86th Constitutional Amendment Act 2002 inserted Article 21A in the Indian constitution, making right to elementary education a fundamental right. Accor

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